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Natural Gas Mass Flow Meter

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Natural Gas Mass Flow Meter

Natural Gas Mass Flow Meter
Natural Gas Mass Flow Meter

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Natural Gas Mass Flow Meter


The thermal mass flow meter is considered as one of the new types of mass flow meters. It has a small group of miniature mechanical parts such as ultrasonic, magnetic, Coriolis flow meter, and vortex meters. These devices have rapidly grown over the past few decades. Research has it that they have raised over 7.5% through the year 2018. Their primary markets are China, the Middle East, and other developing Asian countries.


The content energy of natural gas varies due to the presence of several additives such as other gases, water vapor, chemicals, and likewise. When the energy content of natural gas is high, it implies that the Ethane, Butane, Propane, and similar heavier hydrocarbons are present in a high ration in that natural gas. If the traces of carbon dioxide, sulfides, hydrogens, and similar gases are found in the natural gas, it implies that its energy content is low. Once the heating value of gas is determined, its energy content can be increased. For this exclusive purpose, mass flow meters are used. Flow meters can measure the flow of natural gas as it accurately demonstrates the pressure-drop and reads the direct mass flow. The gas with high-quality energy contents can increase the boilers’ or burners’ efficiency. The more accurate your measurements regarding the natural gas you are using, the more time and money you will save. Natural gas flow meters can be used to handle liquified gases as well.


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