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Insulated glass, double glazed units - feature, thermal performance & calculation tool

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Insulated glass, double glazed units - feature, thermal performance & calculation tool

Detailed Product Description

Insulated glass,also named as double glazed units,double glass,double glass units,if insulated glass contains 3 glass panels,it’s triple glazed units.It’s formed with two or three pieces glass,the middle parts are effectively separated with spacer and the edges are sealed to form glass with dry confined space.Insulated glass is widely used in modern glass buildings and glass facades for its high cost performance and advantages.



Features of insulating glass:

Thermal properties:

Excellent thermal insulation performance and the ideal energy efficient building material.The glass thermal conductivity is 0.688 while the air thermal conductivity is 0.027,glass has 27 times higher thermal conductivity than air.The air gap between double glazed units can take advantage of the low thermal conductivity inside to decrease thermal conductivity.

Insulated glass made with clear glass ,U value is only half of monolithic glass,in addition to high performance low-E coating,U value can decrease only 0.6W/M2.K.The glass has high termal insulation performance and used in passive house.


Noise insulation:

Insulated glass can reduce noise by 27-50 decibels, and 80 dB of traffic noise outside can be decreased to only 50 dBs to indoor.Combing with laminated glass,insulated glass sound insulation performance can be Maximized.Insulated glass is also one kind of acoustic glass products.


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